After School Tutoring for Students with Learning Differences

What to Expect

I tailor each tutoring session to the student's individual needs. This includes how we practice, how we communicate, and the social expectations for the session.

Based on your student’s needs, we’ll meet regularly and work through the curriculum I have prepared for you. I prefer to meet weekly for consistency. I offer 1h-45m sessions ($260) and 45m sessions ($110).

There is no contract and no commitment, so we can meet as often as you’d like. However, students should understand that consistency is key to getting good results.

Before I meet your student, I’ll ask you to share any relevant information you’re comfortable with. Many parents choose to share transcripts, grades, teacher communications, IEP/504s, and even neuropsych evaluations.

I strive to provide a compassionate but focused learning environment. I’ll communicate with you throughout the program to update you on your student’s progress and how I feel we’re connecting.

This usually takes the forms of once-weekly emails about how it’s going and my expectations for the next time we meet.

What I hear from the parents of my students with learning disabilities is that their child isn’t failing in school–school is failing them. Online learning, overworked teachers, and growing class sizes mean that effective learning support is rare. If a child doesn’t qualify for a special education program, but still needs additional support in school, it’s unlikely that the school will be able to provide that support.

Most parents come to me after asking the school for additional support, but finding that there isn’t a budget for a classroom aide, or that the student’s teacher doesn’t have the time or the expertise to provide that support at school. Some parents have placed their children in a special education program of some kind, but find their child’s needs still aren’t being met. Many kids are falling through the cracks.

Compassionate Learning Support

I specialize in additional support for kids who need extra help but aren’t getting it at school, or who aren’t getting it in a way that works for them. I’m able to provide the additional educational support that a teacher does, but with the individual attention and focus on emotional support that a coach or mentor would. I connect with the kids who are left behind in a traditional classroom because I put motivation first. I prioritize cultivating a certain belief in every student I work with: that they can learn something and that it’s worth their time to try.

Transforming the Learning Process

This encouragement is the foundation of all the work I do with all my students. When my students align their effort with their academic goals, they grow to love learning, and to develop a genuine desire to do better and participate in school. When this transformation happens, anything is possible. I’ve even helped a student who swore he hated math and would never be good at it in high school go on to major in math in college! Students who believe they can learn and have a powerful desire to learn cannot be stopped.

Let's Talk About Your Child's Learning Needs

Free 30-minute consultation includes:

I’ll ask some questions to get to know you, learn about your goals and your obstacles, and start coming up with a study plan.

Based on the information you provided me and what I learned from the conversation, I’ll craft a study plan. This is my proposal for what I think we should cover, the order we’ll do it in, and the methods we’ll use.

If you think my plan will work for you, we’ll talk about signing up for private sessions.

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