Test Prep for Students with Learning Differences

What to Expect

I tailor each session of test prep for students with learning differences to the student's individual needs. This includes how we practice, how we communicate, and the social expectations for the session.

What I Offer

Option #1: Strategy Session

A 45m strategy session we’ll use to create a full study plan for your child’s prep.

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Option #2: Test Your Best Kickoff Program

A full diagnostic battery, study plan that is yours to keep, and a 1h45m kickoff session to get started on test prep with all the tools and information your child needs.

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Option #3: Two-Test Dream Score All-Inclusive Program

One flat fee for completely comprehensive test prep and your child’s dream score, guaranteed.

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Test prep for students with learning differences requires a special approach. Many students (and their parents) are surprised to find that they aren’t scoring as high as they thought they would on standardized tests. Maybe they thought the test went well and were surprised by the results. Maybe their grades are good, so they figured the test would be easy. It’s frustrating to sacrifice a weekend for a test you don’t do well on.

For many students with learning disabilities, test prep isn’t as easy as buying a prep book and working through it. Many tutors aren’t trained to work with kids with learning differences, and the speed-based strategies they teach don’t work for everyone.

My Approach to Test Prep for Students with Learning Differences

My background in disability studies and my decade of experience working with students who don’t fit a traditional mold gives me an advantage here. I use every tool at my disposal (cognitive assessment, past test scores, IEPs, parent interviews, and close observation, to name a few) to better understand the student. This deep and personal understanding of how the student thinks and feels allows me to meet them where they are and only focus on what works for them.

I also think that my cynical attitude towards these tests is an advantage. I don’t think very highly of these standardized tests, especially the ACT and the SAT. They’re just hoops students have to jump through to get into college. They’re not very fair hoops, either. I can’t wait until they go away for good. But until that happens, I think every student should do their best to secure a high score on the test.

My Test-Taking Bias

That means I have a bias I like to disclose to everyone I work with: I don’t think there’s anything worth learning on these tests. Learning is for the classroom and my homework help sessions. During test prep time, all I care about is moving scores.

That’s not the right approach for everyone, so I like to be transparent about it. If that sounds good to you, though, then you’re in the right place. Read about what’s included in the free consultation on the left and then pick a time to schedule yours below.