Should my kid take the extra time if he doesn’t need it?

The ACT doesn’t report any accommodations to the colleges in the score report–neither the type of accommodation nor if there were any accommodations at all. In fact, a California court recently ruled that reporting accommodations on the score report is discriminatory, and the ACT has a policy not to disclose accommodations in any of its reporting. So please know that accepting these accommodations won’t affect [your son’s] college application in any kind of negative way.

Dyslexia or something else?

[Your son] also seems to think that the questions he missed on the quiz were due to reading errors, but I’m not so sure. His verbal skills are good, and he understood the instructions of the question very clearly. If his dyslexia was affecting his understanding of the problem, then we’d see more questions where he found the answer to a question the teacher wasn’t asking–like he’d misunderstood the question.