Why won’t the teacher give my dyslexic student more time?

This week on Dear Jonah, we’ll answer a parent question about why a teacher won’t give a dyslexic student more time in class to complete assignments. Parents often ask me questions about how they can best support their child with what they’re learning. Many feel they aren’t doing enough, or aren’t doing the right thing, … Read more

College Board Announces Digital SAT

This Tuesday, the College Board made an announcement about changing the format of their test. You may have seen a few news articles (like this one) about it already. I wanted to share a few thoughts and answer a few questions you may have about the changes. If you want to read about all the … Read more

Should I Take the ACT or the SAT?

One of the questions I answer most often is “should I take the ACT or the SAT”? While some students decide to take both to maximize their chances, this is a big time investment and not worth the effort for most people. The tests are different enough that I can usually make a recommendation without … Read more