Homework Club

Parents of bright students who are still struggling in school and need help managing their workload...

Here’s how your child can turn in excellent work on time without you needing to twist their arm about it every day.

How often do you have difficult conversations with your child about their missing homework, or about another project being turned in late?

Do they come to you in a meltdown because they didn’t work ahead on a project and now it’s overwhelming?

Have you ever logged in to your school’s system to check your child’s grades and are floored by how poorly they’re doing–and they didn’t even tell you?

Learning to adjust to the higher expectations of high school (or middle school, or especially college) can be really difficult for young people. This is especially true for those who were interrupted by COVID-19 lockdowns and are behind on crucial organizational skills and study habits.

It can feel like your child is lazy or unmotivated, or just doesn’t want to do the work.

But the truth is usually more complicated: in my 10+ years of tutoring students of all ages and across all disciplines, from juvenile detention centers to Buenos Aires penthouses, I’ve learned that nearly every student wants to succeed in school.

But most students don’t have the foundational organizational skills or study habits to really excel.

It’s easy for adults to forget that important life skills like breaking big tasks down into small parts and making a long-term plan for getting something done are just that: skills.

In other words, we had to learn them and practice them before we got really good at them. And these kids, especially the ones affected by COVID-19 lockdowns, haven’t mastered them yet.

And despite that, the demands on their time and attention are only increasing. Teachers and administrators and coaches ask them to juggle many responsibilities, huge projects, study for punishing exams, and look forward to the next few steps of their lives.

So it’s no wonder that many bright students struggle to excel in school. If you know your child has potential they aren’t reaching, you aren’t alone. 

I’ve heard from dozens of parents (maybe even hundreds at this point) some variation of,

“Oh yeah, he/she is very bright, he’s just not motivated.” (Or not organized, or lazy, or would rather socialize or game or not do school).

But when those same kids learn the systems and discipline they need to succeed, the results are astounding.

I’ve helped students go from a 12% in their chemistry class to an 85%. I’ve helped students go from failing all but one class to passing all of them with A’s in some. And I’ve helped students who swore they hated math and would never take it again go on to major in mathematics in college.

These transformations happen when students have:

  • Someone looking over their shoulder and helping them learn those organizational skills and study habits they’re missing
  • Someone encouraging them and telling them they can do it and that it’s worth doing
  • All that while still learning new material and reviewing old material so they don’t fall farther behind

The key to truly excellent academic support is having that someone for all three areas–organization, motivation, and education–be the same person.

Jonah Fishel, professional learning differences tutor

That's where I come in.

My decade of experience of tutoring kids with learning differences has taught me the formula that my students need to reach their full potential. My method involves three crucial steps:

  1. Taking the time to meet and really understand the student: their goals, interests, learning preferences, and strengths
  2. Teaching study techniques and presenting material that plays exactly to their strengths instead of trying to mask their weaknesses
  3. Providing long-term academic support that strengthens into a mentoring relationship

I’ve used these three principles to get the results I mentioned above, plus dozens more spectacular results just like them.

Now I’ve systematized the process and am excited to offer it to a wider audience at a reduced cost.

Homework Club

Homework Club is my newest offering for students who would like additional academic support, with options for students who want minimal one-on-one sessions as well as students who want weekly or twice-weekly meetings.

It consists of five parts:

  1. Onboarding Session
  2. Weekly Drop-In Q&A Sessions
  3. Asynchronous Homework Help
  4. Schedule Oversight and Assistance
  5. Optional One-on-One Sessions

Students who enroll and complete the onboarding process are “members”, who join on a monthly basis and are welcome to stay for as many or as few months as they like (including taking breaks and coming back).

This 45-minute meeting + study plan + personal video guide combo allows me to meet each student one-on-one, assess their needs, and plan exactly how I’ll meet them. The onboarding process includes:

  • A short assessment based on their course list and syllabus that allows me to determine if there are any gaps in their knowledge or skills that would make the course harder than it has to be
  • Motivational Interviewing and values exercise so I can better understand their goals and how to communicate with them
  • (After we meet and I organize my notes…) A personalized study guide and video companion to address those exact gaps so they can excel in class, plus practice resources to help them fill those gaps

If students decide to meet with me one-on-one after joining Homework Club, my notes from this meeting will let me pick the best study methods and topics for them right off the bat.

If they prefer to work on their own and just use Homework Club to get their questions answered quickly, the study plan and practice materials will allow them to get back on track quickly.

Either way, both the student and I will walk away with a clear understanding of their academic goals, why they aren’t achieving them, and how to fix it.

Once a week for two hours, I hold an open Q&A where any student can come get any question answered or any concept explained. This meeting is perfect for any topic that doesn’t need a full tutoring session to cover it.

At these meetings, students will:

  • Get answers to any question or an explanation of any concept, in any subject
  • Work with other students in small groups to reinforce their own learning
  • Plan out how to tackle projects, essays, exam review, and other assignments by sharing calendars and discussing with other students and me
  • Small group discussions on self-advocacy and how to interact with teachers

All students have access to an online forum moderated closely by me, in which they can post homework questions that are too big or too urgent to bring to the weekly Q&A.

I’ll answer those questions by:

  • Text response, with written or illustrated examples
  • Video walkthrough via Loom video recording
  • (Very) occasionally hopping on a call right away to discuss an important or urgent assignment
  • Links to examples, further reading, or practice exercises
  • …all within 24 hours, and very often much faster (an hour or two)

Other students may also weigh in with advice and insight, but I’ll always check their work!

Members will also have access to my private session calendar, including some exclusive times, to book private sessions. These sessions will be available for members at a reduced rate of 40% off.

In these private sessions, students will:

  • Discover which fundamentals they’re missing that makes their current coursework feel harder than it needs to be
  • Re-learn and review skills and knowledge from class, presented in a way that fits their learning style
  • Learn to make a study plan, find learning resources, and track their own progress towards mastering material
  • Practice organization and study skills, so they can learn to manage their own time and assignments
  • Develop memory and information encoding skills, so they retain more of what they learn
  • Build a lasting mentorship relationship with someone with a powerful commitment to learning and self-development

Students will also receive full recordings, transcripts, and linked summaries of all sessions, so they can review anything we’ve discussed at any time.

In addition to the core four benefits of the program (weekly Q&A, async homework help, automated oversight, and reduced rates on private sessions), I’m happy to offer the following additional features:

Social Platform for Students

On the same platform students use to get asynchronous homework help, students will also have spaces to:

  • Post academic wins and celebrate others’ successes
  • Small group accountability via sharing progress on assignments and checking in with assigned buddies about exam review and projects
  • Learning-related social events and activities (I have plans for an optional book club)

Study Skills Library

All members get access to my full library of online resources, which includes:

  • Recordings, transcripts, and linked summaries of every single Open Q&A session
  • Video lessons on study techniques and my favorite ways to learn (note-taking, exam review, essay writing, and more)
  • Video lesson overviews of the most-frequently asked topics and skills, plus curated practice materials and exercises we can discuss together
  • Video lessons on interacting with teachers and self-advocacy, including templates and scripts for requesting accommodation, extensions, and more

Connection with Helpful Professionals

I know a lot of people in the field and am happy to arrange free or reduced-cost services with:

  • Full-time executive function coaches
  • Neurodiversity legal advocates to help secure necessary accommodations
  • Psychologists for professional evaluations and medical records

Grand Opening Bonuses!

This is the launch of a new program for me, so it feels kind of like a grand opening. I want to recognize and reward families who place their trust in me to deliver what I promise at the beginning of this new program.

So I’m pleased to offer the following bonuses to students who sign up before the end of 2023:

  • 100% off the One-Time Onboarding Session – $297 value
  • Custom binder fully stocked with my favorite study guide templates and note-taking resources personalized for each student, shipped to your house – $47 value

What You're Getting

All together, here’s what you can expect if you register your student for Homework Club:

  • One-Time Onboarding Meeting – $297 value
  • Weekly Homework Help Open Q&A – $997/mo. value
  • Asynchronous Homework Help – $197/mo. value
  • Optional 1-on-1 Sessions – 40% off for members
  • Social Platform for Students
  • Study Skills Library
  • Connection with Helpful Professionals
  • Custom study binder – $47 value
  • Digital study resources – $47 value

Total Value:

No 1-on-1 sessions: $391, plus $1,291/mo.
vs. Four 1-on-1 sessions (45m): $391, plus $1,291/mo., plus $264/mo. in savings
vs. Eight 1-on-1 sessions (45m): $391, plus $1,291/mo., plus $528/mo. in savings
vs. Four 1-on-1 sessions (1h45m): $391, plus $1,291/mo., plus $620/mo. in savings
vs. Eight 1-on-1 sessions (1h45m): $391, plus $1,291/mo., plus $1,240/mo. in savings

Grand Opening Program Fees:

One-Time Onboarding Meeting:
FREE until 2024

Monthly Homework Club: $97/mo!

Get Started Today for just $97!

Ready to get started with Homework Club and help your student take back control of their academics?

I can’t wait to meet you.

Just use the scheduling tool on the right to schedule your onboarding session. This is a 45-minute Zoom call where I’ll gather all the information I need to understand your student’s challenges and create a study plan to get them back on track.

I’ll handle absolutely everything from there.

The $97 fee covers your first month of Homework Club and all the bonuses listed above.