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Is your child struggling in math class? Many students whose learning was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic are having a rough time in their math classes this year.

You may have seen this in your child. It can be especially hard to watch if you know they can do better and their performance in math class doesn’t reflect their ability. You feel like they aren’t reaching their potential.

Some students begin to doubt themselves, even if they’d performed well in math class before. They might tell you they just aren’t any good at math, or that they’ll never learn it.

Unfortunately, teachers aren’t often helpful. They might tell your child to read slower and be careful, or read faster and keep up, without addressing the math challenges your child is facing. They might just tell your child to practice more, or complete additional homework. This is especially frustrating if your child is already spending hours a night on math homework.

Maybe you’ve tried to work with your child on improving their math, but that can be even tougher. It’s probably been a while since you’ve seen the material, if you ever learned it at all. And even if you’re comfortable with the math, some kids just don’t want to listen to their parents.

I've been that kid, so I know what it's like.
Thanks to ten years of experience working with kids with learning differences, I also know how to fix it.

I understand that each child is different and needs a different approach. The block that one child is experiencing in math class isn’t necessarily the block their classmates are facing. And since solving math problems uses a whole set of skills, not just one, “math difficulties” can refer to a whole lot of things.

Teachers don’t always have the time to observe a student one-on-one and figure out why they’re struggling. But I’ve spent nearly ten years working closely with students to understand their difficulties and overcome them together. I can quickly spot the exact moment my students lose track of the math, and I can tailor my instruction individually to each of my students.

I’ve collected my experience working with kids with learning differences on their math homework into this 20-page guide. Now I’d like to share it with you, free of charge. Inside, you’ll find my philosophy for understanding math problems, the three types of block I see most often, and practical strategies for addressing each one.

Work with your child on their math skills using the methods I describe in the guide and you’ll witness a transformation. Everyone loves to be good at something. Math isn’t enjoyable for your child right now because they’re struggling. But once you break through that block and they start to understand the work and start nailing those questions, they’ll absolutely light up. Nothing feels better than crushing a problem that was giving you trouble last week. I’ve seen students that swore they hated math go on to become math majors and statistics majors in college! Confidence really makes all the difference.

Download this free guide today to start understanding your child’s math difficulties and start working towards removing those blocks. Plus, you’ll receive my weekly advice column where I answer questions from parents about how to support their child’s learning. That’s practical advice for how to help your kid learn, direct to your inbox every week.

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