Night-Before Test Prep Cram Session

Parents of high schoolers taking the Sept. 9th ACT...

If I offered to help your child prep for the test the night before it happens by teaching them TWO easy methods that have helped some of my students gain 5+ points literally overnight…

  • Just one high-impact timing strategy that covers the whole test
  • And one of my three simple techniques to conquer test anxiety and perform their best
  • Without learning new math concepts or grammar rules that take weeks to master

Would you take me up on that offer?

What The Class Includes

Michelle Barth
Michelle Barth
Jonah is such a gifted teacher. We worked with Jonah this last year. His ability to break down complicated problems into easy to follow steps is just amazing. He is also engaging, kind, and dependable. After working with Jonah, our son's performance improved remarkably. We are so grateful for his talent and wish we had started working with him sooner!
Masha Smith
Masha Smith
My daughter had a great experience working with Jonah and her SAT results substantially exceeded our expectations. Jonah was able to teach her very helpful test strategies while substantially reducing her fear of the test. All this was accomplished without requiring excessive repetitive study. I highly recommend Jonah to all of those who want to do well!
Joe Lambert
Joe Lambert
Jonah was incredibly helpful throughout the testing process! His extensive experience and knowledge of the finer details and strategies around standardized tests make him a great person to have on your side. He is direct and efficient but still personable and supportive, and his sense of humor brought levity to an otherwise very stressful process. We cannot recommend him highly enough!
Diane McNamara
Diane McNamara
Jonah did amazing work with my son--at our first meeting he said he thought he could help him improve by x number of points on the ACT and that's exactly what he did. He focused on how to tackle the math problems and it was incredibly helpful. I'd recommend him highly.
Rasha Farouz
Rasha Farouz
Jonah Fishel has changed my son's trajectory. His confidence level was low and he struggled in many ways especially with study skills, test taking skills and reading comprehension. He has high functioning autism. Jonah helped my son boost his SAT scores by 200 points in HS, then has basically spent endless hours tutoring him in his college classes. Now my son, is fairly independent because Jonah single handedly (after us spending much time, effort and money on useless programs) taught him how to learn on his own and how to decipher wordy statistics problems. Jonah is the reason for my son's continued success in college. He is now a Junior! We are so thankful that he pointed out specific challenges and spared no effort in helping my son learn how to overcome them rather than just "giving him a fish" like so many past tutors have!
Helena Lessne
Helena Lessne
Jonah is a wonderful tutor. He is a very engaging teacher and offers really clear explanations. He's also very adaptable to my specific struggles/skills as a student/learner. I think he has really helped my confidence and has offered me really unique and effective study strategies.
Prathima Setty
Prathima Setty
Jonah is a great tutor! He tutored both my daughter and son. They both said he explained the concepts well and made learning fun and easy to understand.
Thomas McCullough
Thomas McCullough
I unfortunately only had time to get one session in with Jonah, but that session helped me in a way that no one else could. He was able to see where I was struggling in my Pre-Calc Trig class and help me find ways to better study. I think if it wasn't for that one session, I wouldn't have passed with an A. If I had more time to be able to meet with him, I probably would have passed with a higher A than I did. Either way, Jonah's help was invaluable and I highly recommend him!

Two-Hour Virtual Small Group Meeting

We’ll meet for two hours on the night before the test to cover all the last-minute things you need to know in order to ace the test the next day, including:

We’ll learn and practice each of the three techniques together so you can pick the one that works best for you. You’ll learn how to use it, when to use it, and make a plan to use that strategy to manage your own anxiety.

If you stick to the plan, you can manage your testing anxiety to minimize your silly mistakes, increase your focus, and eliminate all that time lost to worrying instead of working.

There’s one guiding principle that is the foundation of everything I do. It’s the most important thing for students to understand because it teaches them why what we do works, not just what to do on the test.

We’ll drill test-day scenarios and how to react with this strategy in mind so that students know exactly what to do when faced with an unfamiliar question or passage. No more freezing up when they see something new—each student will have a set of concrete steps to follow for every conceivable situation on test day.

Besides our core strategy, students will discuss and choose a single powerful method for each section of the test from a list of my very best ones. They’ll focus on applying that one strategy on test day so they only have to think about one thing.

Committing to the single high-impact strategy ensures that students will stay focused on a proven approach and see point increases just one day later.

On these tests, time is the enemy. One of the easiest ways for students to get points right away is sticking to a simple timing plan that ensures they’ll have enough time to answer all the questions they can.

Students will learn (and customize, according to my instructions and their questions) the simplest timing splits on each section. We’ll practice how to use these so every student can answer questions with confidence and get the score benefit of a good timing split the very next day.

All students who attend the live small group will get access to the replay. They’ll also get a written summary of everything we talked about, time-stamped with links to that place in the recording—so they can go back and review anything we talked about, whenever they want.

At the end of our time together, I reserve 30-40 minutes to answer ANY test prep question:

  • Demonstrate any technique
  • Solve any question and show how I did
  • Explain where a student went wrong when solving
  • Identify a trick question

… and ANYTHING else students want to know: whatever they ask. Come with questions!

Personalized Test Day Plan

Our small group will revolve around creating a personalized Test Day Plan for each student. This plan is a written document we’ll work on together that explains absolutely everything students need to do on the test in their own words.

It organizes their thoughts and helps them make important decisions ahead of time so they aren’t wasting time or brainpower thinking about them on test day: all they have to do is show up and execute.

Exactly what to bring, what NOT to forget, and what to leave at home. Includes calculator guidance, snack and drink planning, and more.

Students will be expected to pack together LIVE during the class, so make sure to have a bag nearby! We’ll end the night with everything students need for the test all ready to go, so they can rest easy knowing it’s already done.

Students need all their brainpower for the test itself, not planning out their day. We’ll create a timetable of exactly when they’ll wake up, get ready, leave the house, and more so that it’s all decided ahead of time.

I even have students set their alarms right in front of me, on our call—we’ll make sure they’re up and ready to give it their all!

Finally finishing the test is a great feeling, and it’s important to mark the occasion! We’ll talk about how to celebrate and share success with the group. Students are encouraged to message our group when they’re done and to encourage others.

Get a Sneak Peek!

About Me: 10+ Year Test Prep Expert

A decade of teaching test prep for learning differences has led me to the same conclusion most parents have already arrived at: these tests are not good measurements of a student’s ability or aptitude.

I’m convinced these tests are just hoops students have to jump through to apply to college or graduate school. There’s not much worth learning on the test. In fact, I can’t wait until these tests are phased out of the college application process and kids don’t have to take them any more. But until they do, I think they might as well get good at taking them.

Portrait signature of learning differences tutor Jonah Fishel

The above is a recording from my August 25th SAT Crash Course. This clip is about timing splits, an easy way for beginners to get the pacing of the test right early in their prep.

Getting the timing right is the most important thing to do for almost everyone, so it’s one of the things I cover most thoroughly! After this, we cover how to make the most of those limited minutes on each section and work some practice problems.

Does your high schooler tend to run out of time on the test Could they use some help getting their timing and pacing right on test day?

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September 8th, 5:00pm-7:00pm EST