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I’m looking forward to meeting your high schooler and getting them on the right track with their test prep!

To get started with the 45m Strategy Session, use the scheduling wizard on this page to pick a date and time.

When you confirm and make your purchase, you’ll receive an important email. This email contains:

  • The Zoom link we’ll use to meet
  • The Self-Study Guide Unit 1 & Unit 2 digital download links and instructions
  • The next steps you and your high schooler should take to prepare for the meeting
  • My contact information so I can answer any questions you have
I highly recommend you pick a date at least three days in the future, so your high schooler has enough time to complete the two self-study units included in this bundle.

Want To Talk to Someone First?

If you’re not sure yet if this program is a good fit for you, I’m happy to talk it over with you. We can discuss your high schooler’s needs and if this type of test prep is appropriate, or if there are other resources or professionals I can direct you towards.