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My name is Jonah Fishel, and I’m a learning differences tutor. I’ve worked with students with learning disorders, learning disabilities, and “gifted” kids in every context you can think of, from juvenile detention centers to Manhattan penthouses. The same approach works well everywhere: it’s not about the subject I’m tutoring; it’s about showing the student that they are capable of learning something and that it’s worth their time to learn it. I work with middle schoolers through undergraduates, and I provide test prep, homework help, and academic coaching for anyone who’s been left out or left behind in a traditional classroom.

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What I Offer

Autism & Special Needs Tutoring

  • Comprehensive consultation and assessment to identify your child’s needs and the best way to support them in school.
  • Supplementary instruction to reinforce skills and knowledge from the classroom, and communication with teachers to ensure we’re on track.
  • Holistic approach to student support, including executive functioning skills, better test-taking, study skills, and more.

After School Tutoring

  • Math through the undergraduate 300-level (including multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations).
  • Computer science (including theory and mathematics, but also coding in C/C++, Java, Python, and more).
  • Interdisciplinary humanities (including philosophy, creative writing, playwriting, history, and religious studies) and social sciences (including psychology and statistics).

Standardized Test Preparation

  • College Entrance Exams, including the ACT and the SAT.
  • Graduate School Entrance Exams, including the GRE, the GMAT, and the LSAT.
  • Private School Entrance Exams, including the ISEE and the SSAT.

If you don’t see the test you’re prepping for here, that doesn’t mean I don’t tutor it! Please get in touch with me directly to inquire about tests or exams not listed here.

Let's Talk About Your Child's Learning Needs

Free 30-minute consultation includes:

I’ll ask some questions to get to know you, learn about your goals and your obstacles, and start coming up with a study plan.

We’ll decide when the best time for you to test is, have you register for the test, and plan backward from there. We will also decide how many tests you should schedule.

I like to hit the ground running by learning and practicing the best strategies for each student, so I gather information ahead of time in the form of an hour-long cognitive assessment. This tool helps me understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses so I can craft the best study plan for them. I use MindPrint Learning to assess my students’ strengths and needs.

Based on the information you provided me and what I learned from the assessment, I’ll craft a study plan. This is my recommendation for the practice I think you should do before your first test date. If you like, you take this study plan and work through it on your own. If you’d like additional guidance or one-on-one instruction, we’ll talk about signing up for private sessions.

Always 5-Star Satisfaction

Check out these recent reviews.

Rasha Farouz
Rasha Farouz
Jonah Fishel has changed my son's trajectory. His confidence level was low and he struggled in many ways especially with study skills, test taking skills and reading comprehension. He has high functioning autism. Jonah helped my son boost his SAT scores by 200 points in HS, then has basically spent endless hours tutoring him in his college classes. Now my son, is fairly independent because Jonah single handedly (after us spending much time, effort and money on useless programs) taught him how to learn on his own and how to decipher wordy statistics problems. Jonah is the reason for my son's continued success in college. He is now a Junior! We are so thankful that he pointed out specific challenges and spared no effort in helping my son learn how to overcome them rather than just "giving him a fish" like so many past tutors have!
Prathima Setty
Prathima Setty
Jonah is a great tutor! He tutored both my daughter and son. They both said he explained the concepts well and made learning fun and easy to understand.
Helena Lessne
Helena Lessne
Jonah is a wonderful tutor. He is a very engaging teacher and offers really clear explanations. He's also very adaptable to my specific struggles/skills as a student/learner. I think he has really helped my confidence and has offered me really unique and effective study strategies.
Thomas McCullough
Thomas McCullough
I unfortunately only had time to get one session in with Jonah, but that session helped me in a way that no one else could. He was able to see where I was struggling in my Pre-Calc Trig class and help me find ways to better study. I think if it wasn't for that one session, I wouldn't have passed with an A. If I had more time to be able to meet with him, I probably would have passed with a higher A than I did. Either way, Jonah's help was invaluable and I highly recommend him!

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