I started working as a learning differences tutor almost ten years ago. Since then, I’ve spoken to hundreds of parents who are concerned their child isn’t getting the support they need in school. They see their kid falling behind or failing out, and it breaks their heart.

But many children with learning differences don’t qualify for full-time learning support, and many don’t need a special education program. Busy teachers aren’t able to provide the additional support the kid needs in the classroom, and parents can’t do it at home, either because they’re not sure about the material or because their teenager doesn’t want advice from mom and dad.

That’s where I come in. For ten years, I’ve been providing support, mentorship, and guidance for those kids who fall through the cracks. My mission is to provide world-class support for anyone who has been left out or left behind of a traditional classroom. I’m trained as a specialized learning differences tutor, but what I do works because it’s built on a relationship of trust and support. I know that tutoring is about first showing a student that they can do something and that it’s worth their time to do it. That’s how I’m able to get the results I’ve been getting for the past decade: no student has ever failed a course I tutored them in.

What I Offer

Individual Test Prep

  • College Entrance Exams, including the ACT and the SAT.
  • Graduate School Entrance Exams, including the GRE, the GMAT, and the LSAT.
  • Private School Entrance Exams, including the ISEE and the SSAT.

If you don’t see the test you’re prepping for here, that doesn’t mean I don’t tutor it! Please get in touch with me directly to inquire about tests or exams not listed here.

Homework Help

  • Math through the undergraduate 300-level (including multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations)
  • Computer science (including theory and mathematics, but also coding in C/C++, Java, Python, and more)
  • Interdisciplinary humanities (including philosophy, creative writing, playwriting, history, and religious studies) and social sciences (including psychology and statistics)

Academic Support Group

  • Weekly planning meetings with other students of the same age to talk about study skills, prioritizing for the week, and to celebrate academic successes.
  • Four private homework help sessions (1h45m) that can be scheduled at any time during the membership month
  • Access to a restricted online support forum (only available to current members and closely moderated by me) where students can post questions and get answers 24/7 from me and from other students.

What My Students are Saying