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According to the College Board’s own research, working with a private test prep company or personal tutor shows average score gains of 20-40 points, on average, with more gains coming in the math. This is hard to separate from normal testing noise, which is about 32 points (don’t think about that too hard–it’s more evidence of how poor these tests are at measuring anything useful). By contrast, a student working through the Khan Academy program for 20 hours is associated with an average score increase of 115.

My students see an average gain of 270 points on the SAT after the same number of hours working with me. That’s because I know how the test is written, how each question is designed, and how to exploit that design, and that’s what I teach my students.

Let's Talk About Your Child's Learning Needs

Free 30-minute consultation includes:

I’ll ask some questions to get to know you, learn about your goals and your obstacles, and start coming up with a study plan.

We’ll decide when the best time for you to test is, have you register for the test, and plan backward from there. We’ll also decide how many tests you should schedule.

I like to hit the ground running by learning and practicing the best strategies for each student, so I gather information ahead of time in the form of an hour-long cognitive assessment. This tool helps me understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses so I can craft the best study plan for them. I use MindPrint Learning to assess my students’ strengths and needs.

Based on the information you provided me and what I learned from the assessment, I’ll craft a study plan. This is my recommendation for the practice I think you should do before your first test date. If you like, you take this study plan and work through it on your own. If you’d like additional guidance or one-on-one instruction, we’ll talk about signing up for private sessions.

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