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Dear parents of high schoolers with learning differences...’s how to decide if taking the ACT or SAT is worth the time and the headache for your child.

The fact that many colleges are test-optional and students don’t need an ACT or SAT score to apply means that millions of families are doubting if they should test at all.

Test prep for the ACT and SAT is a big investment for the whole family–both financial and in terms of you child’s time. You can expect your high schooler to spend 20-40 hours studying before the first test if they want to score well, and with all the other things they have going on–sports, band practice, homecoming, a busy social calendar–those hours are going to be hard to fit in.

But a high test score opens the doors to prestigious universities and tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship funds that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible.

For most of the families I work with, this is an agonizing choice–do we commit to dozens of hours of test prep in the hopes that we score well and can submit a score? Or do we forget the test and use that time to improve grades, get more extracurriculars in, and enjoy junior/senior year?

Jonah Fishel has changed my son's trajectory. His confidence level was low and he struggled in many ways especially with study skills, test taking skills and reading comprehension. He has high functioning autism. Jonah helped my son boost his SAT scores by 200 points in HS, then has basically spent endless hours tutoring him in his college classes.

If you knew how high your student could expect to score on the test before they started any prep, would it make this decision easier for you?

My daughter had a great experience working with Jonah and her SAT results substantially exceeded our expectations. Jonah was able to teach her very helpful test strategies while substantially reducing her fear of the test. All this was accomplished without requiring excessive repetitive study. I highly recommend Jonah to all of those who want to do well!

What if you knew a score range that your high schooler was highly likely to score in for the ACT and SAT with 20-40 hours of study? If you knew that number, would it be easier for you to make the decision to prep or not?

I never want my students to waste their time prepping if their final scores aren’t going to meet their expectations. But at the same time, I never want self-doubt or uncertainty to prevent them from crushing the test and getting a high score that opens doors and get them scholarship offers.

That’s why I offer the Discover Your Score Potential package: to help my students make this decision.

When families register for the Discover Your Score Potential package, they’re getting:

  • A highly accurate score potential prediction
  • A full explanation of what and how to study to reach that score potential
  • Complete clarity on whether prepping for the test is really worth it

The assessment I use for this package is called the Mindprint, and you can learn more about it here.

That score potential prediction, by the way, is calculated by comparing the assessment results to a national data pool of thousands of test takers collected by the companies who administer the ACT/SAT. I take the prediction so seriously that it’s the number I use for my 100% money-back guarantee for my one-on-one tutoring students.

So with this information, plus my week-by-week study plan that I create for each student, you’ll have everything you need to decide if testing is a good choice for your family.

Are you ready to discover if test prep is worth it for your high schooler?

About Me: 10+ Years Learning Differences Test Prep Tutor

Jonah Fishel, professional learning differences tutor

My name is Jonah Fishel, and I’m a professional test prep tutor who specializes in learning differences.

I have over a decade of experience working with students with ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism, traumatic brain injuries, and other learning differences.

So many of my clients are so smart, but they’re smart in ways that it’s hard to show on a test like the ACT or the SAT. And once they get discouraged, they decide the test isn’t for them, and they stop trying.

I’ve taught these kids in every context you can think of, from juvenile detention centers to Manhattan penthouses, and I’ve found that the same approach works everywhere: it’s not about which test I’m tutoring or which tactics we’re learning, but about teaching the student that they’re capable of learning something and that it’s worth their time to do it.

The ACT and the SAT will only adapt to neurodiverse learners in a few limited ways. And the material and the scoring curve won’t change. But the way to learn the test and the way to practice the test can be adapted to everyone.

That’s what I’ve spent the past decade doing: learning to adapt my instruction to every learner’s style so they can learn what they need to ace the test in a way that works for them.

My Test Prep Results

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Khan Academy

According to the College Board’s own research, working with a private test prep company or personal tutor shows average score gains of 20-40 points, on average, with more gains coming in the math. This is hard to separate from normal testing noise, which is about 32 points (don’t think about that too hard–it’s more evidence of how poor these tests are at measuring anything useful). By contrast, a student working through the Khan Academy program for 20 hours is associated with an average score increase of 115.

My students see an average gain of 270 points on the SAT after the same number of hours working with me. That’s because I know how the test is written, how each question is designed, and how to exploit that design, and that’s what I teach my students.

What the Package Includes

Mindprint Cognitive Assessment & Analysis - $199 value

If you knew the ACT/SAT score your high schooler could achieve with reasonable practice, would it make the decision to test (or not) easier?

I partner with Mindprint to offer data-driven cognitive assessments and a national data set of ACT/SAT published scores to make a highly accurate prediction of your student’s “score potential”: the score they could reach with 20-40 hours of investment.

  • It takes about an hour
  • It’s completely virtual, taken with a laptop or desktop computer on their own time
  • I’ll score it within 48 hours
  • You keep all the scores, printouts, and assessment results to refer back to at any time

Score Potential and Planning Session (45m) - $165 value

After I review the assessment results and prepare the report, we’ll meet for 45 minutes to go over everything you need to know to make the decision to test or not:

  • Which test would be better
  • What score your high schooler could reach with reasonable study time invested
  • How many hours to study each week
  • Exactly what to study and how to study it
  • Which test date to pick and how to register (including accommodations)

Week-by-Week Study Plan - $47 value

If you decide that taking the test is the right choice for your child, I’ll create a detailed study plan that covers what your student should do each and every week from our meeting until the test.

This is a step-by-step plan that will guide them through the exact process to learn the strategies and content needed to hit their score goals. It contains:

  • A quick-start guide for families on how to use the study plan
  • A week-by-week study plan with strategies, practice materials, and additional exercises
  • A walkthrough of my error analysis system so students can get immediate insight and feedback on what they need to do differently
  • Bonus worksheets and organizers for using my error analysis system

If you decide you’d like to work on test prep together, we’ll use this study plan as the foundation of our program, with my constant oversight and tweaks to keep us on track.

If you decide to work through test prep on your own, with a small group, or with another tutor, this study plan and everything in it are yours to keep. I’ll also record a personalized walkthrough video (via Loom) explaining how to use it so you can get started right away.

Either way, you’ll have expert guidance for getting your student from their current score to their score ceiling as revealed by my assessment.

Total Value: $411

Celeste Phillips
Celeste Phillips
Jonah is extremely knowledgeable and talented teacher. Our son was able to bring up his ACT score and found working with Jonah enjoyable and engaging. We highly recommend him!
Becca Bessinger
Becca Bessinger
My daughter scored very well on the SAT but has lofty aspirations when it comes to college choice. In order to ensure her best chances of getting into the college of her dreams, we enlisted the help of Jonah to try to boost her SAT score. (He was referred to us by a reputable college admissions counselor.) In a complimentary session to see if the fit was right, we learned so much from Jonah about college admissions, scholarship potential, and the role of standardized testing. Jonah was very professional while also being very kind and easy for my daughter to open up to. He listened to her goals and gave her options for achieving them -- most of which did not include using his services. We opted for another session with him because of his extensive knowledge and kind, encouraging demeanor. Before our second session, Jonah had my daughter complete a cognitive assessment to help determine her scoring potential and how she learns best. The results were fascinating and Jonah explained them to us in detail. He used what he'd learned about my daughter through our talks and through the assessment and put together a comprehensive plan for her to use in preparation for the next test. Because there was only a short period of time before she took the test again, we enlisted Jonah's help in tutoring. My daughter felt that the tutoring session was very valuable and prepared her for some of the difficult questions that might come her way. With an SAT score that was already quite high, we didn't have great expectations for large gains. We were thrilled when my daughter increased her score from 1500 to 1540. I cannot recommend Jonah more highly!
Michelle Barth
Michelle Barth
Jonah is such a gifted teacher. We worked with Jonah this last year. His ability to break down complicated problems into easy to follow steps is just amazing. He is also engaging, kind, and dependable. After working with Jonah, our son's performance improved remarkably. We are so grateful for his talent and wish we had started working with him sooner!
Masha Smith
Masha Smith
My daughter had a great experience working with Jonah and her SAT results substantially exceeded our expectations. Jonah was able to teach her very helpful test strategies while substantially reducing her fear of the test. All this was accomplished without requiring excessive repetitive study. I highly recommend Jonah to all of those who want to do well!
Joe Lambert
Joe Lambert
Jonah was incredibly helpful throughout the testing process! His extensive experience and knowledge of the finer details and strategies around standardized tests make him a great person to have on your side. He is direct and efficient but still personable and supportive, and his sense of humor brought levity to an otherwise very stressful process. We cannot recommend him highly enough!
Diane McNamara
Diane McNamara
Jonah did amazing work with my son--at our first meeting he said he thought he could help him improve by x number of points on the ACT and that's exactly what he did. He focused on how to tackle the math problems and it was incredibly helpful. I'd recommend him highly.
Rasha Farouz
Rasha Farouz
Jonah Fishel has changed my son's trajectory. His confidence level was low and he struggled in many ways especially with study skills, test taking skills and reading comprehension. He has high functioning autism. Jonah helped my son boost his SAT scores by 200 points in HS, then has basically spent endless hours tutoring him in his college classes. Now my son, is fairly independent because Jonah single handedly (after us spending much time, effort and money on useless programs) taught him how to learn on his own and how to decipher wordy statistics problems. Jonah is the reason for my son's continued success in college. He is now a Junior! We are so thankful that he pointed out specific challenges and spared no effort in helping my son learn how to overcome them rather than just "giving him a fish" like so many past tutors have!
Helena Lessne
Helena Lessne
Jonah is a wonderful tutor. He is a very engaging teacher and offers really clear explanations. He's also very adaptable to my specific struggles/skills as a student/learner. I think he has really helped my confidence and has offered me really unique and effective study strategies.
Prathima Setty
Prathima Setty
Jonah is a great tutor! He tutored both my daughter and son. They both said he explained the concepts well and made learning fun and easy to understand.
Thomas McCullough
Thomas McCullough
I unfortunately only had time to get one session in with Jonah, but that session helped me in a way that no one else could. He was able to see where I was struggling in my Pre-Calc Trig class and help me find ways to better study. I think if it wasn't for that one session, I wouldn't have passed with an A. If I had more time to be able to meet with him, I probably would have passed with a higher A than I did. Either way, Jonah's help was invaluable and I highly recommend him!
"Jonah is simply the best at what he does. In our case, he devoted significant energy and focus in guiding our son through the ACT prep process, with a very authentic and successful outcome in terms of prep strategy, confidence, self-awareness, and finally, meaningful score improvement. If you are in the market for tutoring, look no further."
Jim Rock
Fall 2021 ACT Parent

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  3. Meet with me at the time you chose to discover your results and get your study plan.

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If in the 7 days after our meeting you feel like you didn’t get the information you needed to make the best decision about test prep for your child, or for any other reason, I’ll refund you 100% of this $197 fee.

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