Parents of high schoolers with learning differences...

Discover the score your child would reach on the ACT or SAT after 2-3 months of study.

Decide if taking the ACT or SAT is worth the time and headache for your child when you register for the

Score Potential Discovery Package

Many colleges are still test-optional. Millions of families are doubting if they should test at all.

Deciding to prepare for the ACT and SAT tests costs a lot of money and takes up a lot of time for your child.

Usually, your high schooler needs to study for 20-40 hours before the first test to do well. But with all the other commitments they have (sports, music practice, prom...), finding time to study can be tough.

But getting a good score on these tests can help your child get into competitive colleges and even get scholarship money for college that they wouldn't get otherwise.

For many families, deciding whether to spend a lot of time studying for these tests is difficult. They have to think about whether it's better to focus on studying for the tests or to spend time improving grades, doing more activities, and just enjoying high school.

But if you knew how high your student could expect to score on the test before they started any prep, would it make this decision easier for you?

The Score Potential Discovery Package Includes:

  • A prediction of your child's likely ACT score and SAT score

  • An action plan on how to study to reach that score

  • Clear advice on whether studying is worth it

After your high schooler takes the assessment and I walk you through the results, you'll know if test prep is right for your child.

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Full Program Details

Here's absolutely everything that's inside.

Mindprint Cognitive Assessment & Analysis

The assessment I use to make the score prediction is called the Mindprint. It compares your high schooler's abilities to thousands of other students who took the test and allows me to predict their scores before and after testing accurately.

  • It takes about an hour

  • It’s completely virtual, taken with a laptop or desktop computer on their own time

  • I’ll score it within 48 hours

  • You keep all the scores, printouts, and assessment results to refer back to at any time

Score Potential and Planning Session (45m)

After I review the assessment results and prepare the report, we’ll meet for 45 minutes to go over everything you need to know to make the decision to test or not.

  • Which test would be better

  • What score your high schooler could reach with reasonable study time invested

  • How many hours to study each week

  • Exactly what to study and how to study it

  • Which test date to pick and how to register (including accommodations)

Week-by-Week Study Plan

If you decide that taking the test is the right choice for your child, I’ll create a detailed study plan that covers what your student should do each and every week from our meeting until the test.

This is a step-by-step plan that will guide them through the exact process to learn the strategies and content needed to hit their score goals. It contains:

  • A quick-start guide for families on how to use the study plan

  • A week-by-week study plan with strategies, practice materials, and additional exercises

  • A walkthrough of my error analysis system so students can get immediate insight and feedback on what they need to do differently

  • Bonus worksheets and organizers for using my error analysis system

  • If you decide you’d like to work on test prep together, we’ll use this study plan as the foundation of our program, with my constant oversight and tweaks to keep us on track.

If you decide to work through test prep on your own, with a small group, or with another tutor, this study plan and everything in it are yours to keep. I’ll also record a personalized walkthrough video (via Loom) explaining how to use it so you can get started right away.

Either way, you’ll have expert guidance for getting your student from their current score to their score ceiling as revealed by my assessment.

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In the 14 days after our meeting, if you feel like you didn't get the information you needed to make the best decision about test prep for your child, or for any other reason, I'll refund you 100% of the fee you paid.

Just send me an email at the service address provided in the confirmation email and I'll take care of it.

*If you were referred here by family, friends, or an educational consultant, you may qualify for a 50%-100% discount on this service. Contact me directly at the number that I provided to whoever referred you and I'll take it from there.